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BaAM at 2013 PrimeTime Sports Management Conference

October 8, 2013

This year marks the 6th annual PrimeTime Sports Management Conference in Toronto. Founded by Brian Burke and Trevor Whiffen, the Toronto-based firm is recognized as a leader in the field of sports and event management. Starting November 11, the two-day conference will bring together leading industry experts for panel discussions and keynote addresses discussing the latest challenges and strategies for managing and marketing the business of sport.

This year’s conference will include panels featuring BaAM President Annemarie Roe and BaAM Business Development rep Mark Francis, who also teaches Sports Marketing at UCLA. On Day 1, Roe participates on a panel exploring “Event Management: Organizing, Promoting and Hosting Sports Events.” She will be joined by Robert Hunter (MLSE); Pat McEleney (Hockey Canada); and Sara Moore (CFL); moderated by Paul Hardy (International Association of Athletics Federations). On Day 2, Francis will moderate a panel focusing on “Strategies for Selling Out Your Events and Building Your Brand.” The panel includes Chris Lencheski (Front Row Marketing Services, NASCAR owner); Tom Pistore (MLSE); Patti-Anne Tarlton (Ticketmaster Canada); and Dan Quinn (NFL Canada).  

For full conference details and registration information, visit www.primetimesport.ca.

BaAM at 2013 PrimeTime Sports Management Conference

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