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BaAM Fuses Athletics & Art For Pan/Parapan Am Handover

The 2011 Pan and Parapan American Games have officially drawn to a close in Guadalajara, Mexico. The Pan Am Closing Ceremonies were celebrated in the sold-out Omnilife Stadium on October 30, followed by the Parapan Closing Ceremonies at Telmex Athletics Stadium on November 20.  At both events, an 8-minute Handover Ceremony created by BaAM Productions symbolized the passing of the torch from Guadalajara to Toronto, ON – the host city for the 2015 Pan American Games.  

BaAM produced the Handover Ceremonies, providing TO2015 – Toronto’s Pan American Organizing Committee – with full creative and technical services.  The Handover Ceremony was comprised of a protocol-driven segment and a creative presentation signaling the countdown to Toronto’s 2015 games.  

The BaAM team collaborated closely with TO2015 Senior Vice President, Marketing and Revenue, Katherine Henderson and Creative Director, Arts, Culture and Festivals, Don Shipley to develop all elements of the creative presentation.  BaAM also worked alongside FiveCurrents, Producer of the 2011 Pan American Games Ceremonies, to seamlessly integrate the creative presentation within the Closing Ceremony programs. 

The Handover Ceremonies were developed through a creative process led by BaAM and involved a cross-section of talented thought-leaders from Canadian arts and culture.  The resulting creative brief was rooted in story and focused on sharing the heritage and culture of the Pan American spirit while highlighting the diverse cultural canvas of Toronto.  Don Shipley of TO2015 remarked that, “This was an exceptional creative collaboration in its truest form resulting in a unique fusion of talent and complementary skills and a presentation that was world class in every respect for the Handover Ceremonies.  The teamwork, attention to detail, and problem solving techniques employed by BaAM made the whole process creative and enjoyable from beginning to end.”

Download BaAM's official press release to learn more about the Pan and Parapan Handover Ceremonies and the incredible production team involved in the projects.

Creative Productions - Pan Am Handover Ceremony

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