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Remounting "Wanna Play?" for Game 3 of the World Series, for MLB

It was a beautiful day for the MLB "Wanna Play?" event at Rangers Youth Ballpark in Arlington, Texas, celebrating Game 3  of the World Series and just coming off a nail-biting Rangers win in St. Louis. BaAM provided our Center Field baseball diamond, Quick Ball attraction, MLB regulation batting cages, and Fastest Pitch attraction for this year's Game 3 "Wanna Play?" program.  It was the second year we worked with Major League Baseball to create this event, and we had twice as many kids from the local Boys and Girls Club and RBI Leagues in attendance.

The Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation facilitated the clinics, once again, giving the young baseball hopefuls tips on sliding, fielding, pitching and hitting, as they rotated from station to station, with some help from Rangers’ alumni Curtis Wilkerson, Bengi Gil, and Tim Crabtree.  At the main stage, they were treated to life lessons from Harold Reynolds and Ray Burris.  It was a great perspective getting to work with the Rangers Foundation team again, and to see how the benefits of their first World Series experience last year resulted in a more confident staff and heightened awareness of what to expect from the hype of a Championship run. 

Fan Engagement - MLB Wanna Play

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