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Water Oasis Attraction Featured in World Waterpark Magazine

Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park opened its newest attraction, Water Oasis, in July 2014.  BaAM began collaborating with Gilroy Gardens early in the design process, providing art direction for the ½-acre site to incorporate organic shapes and colors in interpretive graphics aimed at encouraging learning through play.  To that end, Water Oasis is an exciting play area for young guests complete with water slides, a splash pad, and an interactive mini river system where kids can control waterway flow with colorful wheels, gates, and dams.   

It’s an exciting concept for a new water attraction, which was featured and celebrated in the December issue of World Waterpark Magazine. Guided by their mission to educate guests through play, Gilroy Gardens’ goal was to ensure that the new Water Oasis attraction would immerse visitors in a fun, whimsical play area while also exploring important matters like water conservation, pollution prevention, and the park’s state-of-the-art circulation system.  And Water Oasis delivers on that promise.  Offering guests fun and engaging activities for young minds that also highlight things that everyone can do to help protect the environment.

Read the full World Waterpark Magazine article here.

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