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Chris Dowling

Chris Dowling Technical Director

Likes to know the answers. Level-headed. Enjoys working through the “nuts and bolts” of an event. And knows that the success of an event comes from having asked the right questions at the right time.
Chris has experienced more opening days than most will experience in a lifetime. But at each one, he feels the same thrill of seeing weeks of planning come together, and knowing there is only one chance to make it work.
Chris' many years working in the film and television industries make him all the more aware of how unique live events really are. "With events, there's an accountability," he says, "It's a level of audience interaction and responsibility that is missing in other kinds of projects."  

Chris brings to BaAM extensive experience in scenic fabrication, installation, and site supervision. And as BaAM's most devoted sports fan, he brings to sports-based projects a first-hand knowledge of the players, stats and stakes. He credits working at BaAM with increasing his own level of preparedness. Knowing that success is all in the details, he is constantly on the lookout for ways to elevate his own game.