A Freeman Company
Gary Myers

Gary Myers Vice President - Strategy & Creative

Gary recognized early on in his architectural career that he hadn’t yet found his calling. "Until you achieve the right mix of work," he says of architecture, "you don't have the job you like." 

Hired to design a series of touring showrooms in unconventional locations, Gary experienced a kind of watershed moment. The project demanded a creative use of space and materials, and keen insight into what the visitor would really experience.

In short, it was Gary's introduction to temporary architecture design and to the concept of the Visitor Experience. And he was hooked.

Now Vice President - Strategy & Creative at BaAM, Gary applies an architectural lens to every creative concept he and his team develop for BaAM's wide range of clients. He considers how visitors are affected by design decisions. And he knows how important it is for the entire project team to follow an established process throughout the life of a project.

Balancing the practical and the creative with experiential design and storytelling is a constant challenge, but Gary knows it is really what drives a project forward. Once again, it seems, it's all about achieving the "right mix"―and, for Gary, working in an industry he truly loves.