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Jennifer Stein

Jennifer Stein Live Event Director

“Catalyst” is a good word to describe Jen’s role at BaAM. A brainstormer extraordinaire, she generates programming concepts for live events and sees them through to execution every step of the way. Jen recognizes the creativity involved in live event production, and the collaborative spirit integral to its success.  Thanks to her background in directing and producing for the stage, she’s an expert at inspiring her team to give their best performance—and inspiring audiences to feel connected. 

Jen is tapped into current trends while knowing which one’s a keeper. Both media- and music-savvy, she can envision the right mix of programming that will integrate brand and fan experiences into a dynamic whole.  Experienced at programming multi-venue events and multidisciplinary performances, Jen is never daunted by scope or scale. She’s up for any challenge, keeping her sights set on creating the magic that transforms spectators into fans.