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Louis Marrone

Louis Marrone Director of Events, PMO

If Louis were not Director of Events, PMO at BaAM, he might just be a diplomat. Or a radio personality. Or a philosopher.
Well-rounded, well-read and naturally curious, Louis loves the people side of project managing: the relationship-building, the teamwork, the managing of different personalities with different needs, all in the service of a project. In his ongoing role as Project Manager of MLB FanFest, he puts his people skills to the test. In addition to working with a client team and internal project team, he must coordinate the efforts of city officials and labour representatives, venue staff and site managers—without ever losing sight of the most important factor in the equation, the public.
Yet Louis also loves the planning side of project managing. (As his young son attests, he really is a whiz at spreadsheets.) And when it comes to executing the plan, there's immense satisfaction in seeing everything come together. There's also plenty of opportunity to be creative, finding ways to solve the inevitable challenges that arise during a live—and living—event.
So it's pretty safe to say that Louis thrives on his multifaceted role at BaAM. If his son really does follow his dream to “make spreadsheets like his Dad,” there’s no doubt Louis will heartily approve.