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Historic Mud Bowl Re-creation, 100th Grey Cup Festival

The 1950 Grey Cup Game is a CFL story that has taken on legendary proportions.  The story goes that snow on the field was scraped away by bulldozers – along with the grass – leaving an expanse of dirt.  As the temperature rose and snow turned to rain, the game began.  The photos and film of the event are memorable because of the muddy images of players who played the full 4 quarters in unprecedented conditions.  

BaAM, working with the 100th Grey Cup Festival team, developed a plan to pay homage to the event.  We partnered with a Toronto-area high school that was in need of a new football field.  We recruited two teams made up of members of the Toronto media, coached by former CFL players.  And we played with lots of mud, working with sponsor Rona, to ensure the right blend and consistency – slippery underfoot and sticky enough to stay put on the players. 

The event was covered by all media outlets – front page news in the Toronto papers and headline news on TV and radio.  And the high school gets its much-needed new football field!

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