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MLB Little League Classic

BaAM produced the first-ever MLB Little League Classic, which debuted in August 2017 in Williamsport, PA.  The popular event returned in 2018 featuring the NY Mets vs. the Philadelphia Phillies.

The event is inspired by the League’s dedication to reconnect with youth, a stated priority for Commissioner Rob Manfred.  Coinciding with the Little League World Series, this event brings the big leagues to the little leagues.  MLB players can spend the day with Little League players. And later that night, Little Leaguers and their families are treated to a regular season game between the two teams.

BB&T Ballpark at Historic Bowman Field is the perfect setting for this special event.  BaAM’s team completed a feasibility study in advance to ensure the site would be able to accommodate a league-sanctioned, regular season game.  A few months later, renovations began at BB&T Ballpark.  From the infield to the outfield, foul poles, and bull pens, BaAM works closely with Murray Cook and his team at BrightView. In the weeks leading up to the MLB game, BaAM’s team mobilizes to site to complete installation of remaining event components, including back-of-house facilities, broadcast, IT, and operational infrastructure.  

The MLB Little League Classic continues to be a home run for the League, bringing together its current and future stars, and including every player from each of the 16 Little League World Series teams on-field as part of the pregame introductions.   The 2019 MLB Little League Classic will be played between the Chicago Cubs and the Pittsburgh Pirates

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