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When MLB’s All-Star weekend landed in Cleveland, the League’s largest fan event outside of a ballpark unveiled a re-branded and re-imagined fan experience, named Play Ball Park. 

The 5-day event incorporated indoor and outdoor baseball attractions across more than 800,000 sq. ft. It embraced all aspects of the sport – from VR and gaming to mastering the perfect swing and appreciating baseball’s street art culture. In addition to the daily events, two nights of concerts featuring Twenty One Pilots and The Killers drew fans in by the thousands.

Play Ball Park’s outdoor attractions were free to the public, allowing more baseball fans to take part in the All-Star action with interactive games, Home Run Derby batting cages, a programmed baseball diamond, and sponsored activations. Inside, fans had access to even more hands-on activities, from autograph stages and live Q&A sessions to baseball clinics and cultural exhibits.

BaAM led creative development for Play Ball Park to ensure a consistent and unforgettable guest experience across all outdoor and indoor event elements. BaAM collaborated with MLB as part of ideation, content development, concert planning, and overall event design.  In addition to creative visioning, BaAM was responsible for all project management and production elements.

By the end of its 5-day run, the re-imagined Play Ball Park attracted more than 140,000 fans, making it the most attended MLB fan festival in 10 years.                                                                     

Before there was Play Ball Park, there was MLB All-Star FanFest. Read all about it here.

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