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TWITCHCON 2019 04044

BaAM leads Master Planning and Project Management in Europe and North America for the world's top live streaming platform.

  • A multi-day live event for the Twitch community
  • An opportunity for gamers, fans, streamers, publishers, and distributers to interact in-person
  • Unique solutions crafted to manage high demand and sold out crowds
TWITCHCON 2019 00153

We concepted solutions for managing high demand and sold-out crowds for this annual event

Can BaAM work on every project we have?

Jenny Jessup, Head of Events, Twitch

TWITCHCON 2019 11320
TWITCHCON 2019 01515

We delivered the look and feel for this unique IRL party

TWITCHCON 2019 09281
TWITCHCON 2019 01192
MM3 8448 Rivals Gaming low res
Twitch Con 2018 10927 KF 102618 577

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