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BaAM leads Master Planning and Project Management in Europe and North America for the world's top live streaming platform.

  • A multi-day live event for the Twitch community
  • An opportunity for gamers, fans, streamers, publishers, and distributers to squad up
  • Unique solutions crafted to manage high demand and sold out crowds
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We concept and deliver solutions for managing high demand and sold-out crowds for this annual event

Can BaAM work on every project we have?

Jenny Jessup, Head of Events, Twitch

TWITCHCON 2019 11320

A unique IRL party where new friends, old friends, and rivals combine ; )

Twitch Con22 AGS Concert 006
TWITCHCON 2019 09281
TWITCHCON 2019 01192
MM3 8448 Rivals Gaming low res
Twitch Con22 AGS Concert 003

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