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2012 BaAM Awards at MLB All-Star FanFest

MLB All-Star FanFest 2012 has drawn to a close. Before we left Kansas City, BaAM took time to recognize the hard work put in by our fantastic team and acknowledged some special individuals who went above and beyond this year with the 2012 BaAM Awards.

A big "Thank You" goes out to the entire team, and these BaAM Award winners...

The Ambassador: Bruce Sweezie
The Ambassador is someone who best represents the spirit of our work as a group, who performs with confidence under pressure and has a great attitude and demeanor throughout the project.

Rookie of the Year: Cory Mathews
The Rookie of the Year is someone new to the BaAM team whose outstanding performance shows great promise and aligns with our commitment to producing amazing experiences.

Greatest Save: Erica Brown
The Greatest Save is made by someone who responded to the call of duty and whose show-saving action involved quick thinking and put Fan Safety as a #1 priority.

Be the Ball: Alex Kerr & Stef Kopp
The "Be the Ball" Award is given to an individual or duo whose hard work and dedication to the quality of the show set the standard which we all strive to achieve.

MVP: Vince Morgan
The Most Valuable Player this year as selected by his fellow peers.

Biggest Wow: Dan Sheard
The Biggest Wow is awarded for that moment during the show when one person’s achievements went above and beyond, exceeding all expectations.

2012 BaAM Awards at MLB All-Star FanFest

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