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BaAM Reports Back from the 2011 Winter Classic

January 21, 2011

More than 6.6 million viewers tuned in for the 2011 Winter Classic on January 1.  The event marked the fourth year that BaAM has been involved with the NHL Winter Classic.   BaAM was responsible for converting the venue into a functioning arena while supporting game, broadcast and entertainment requirements. BaAM also created the master logistics plan ensuring all aspects of the rink set-up were considered and efficiently executed.

No matter the city, we’ve learned that each outdoor game delivers an unforgettable experience for hockey fans while presenting new obstacles for our production team.  The 2011 Classic upheld such a tradition. Over the course of eight days Pittsburgh saw major rainfall, uncharacteristically warm temperatures, and even a bit of sun – all of which make building an outdoor rink a very tricky situation.  Despite the uncontrollable weather, BaAM’s crew persevered to ensure that the ice was ready for the official puck drop. 

Do we have any tricks up our sleeve?  Maybe.  We asked a few members of the BaAM team to share their Winter Classic survival secrets.  Read on and you might unravel a few hints – or at the very least you’ll learn why people are crazy enough to withstand Mother Nature for the good of the game...

Event Production Management -NHL Winter Classic

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