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BaAM Participates in the Royals FanFest

BaAM’s collaboration on this year’s 2010 Kansas City Royals FanFest was a hit!

The cold Missouri winter weather could not keep the fans away from the 2-day event that took place on January 14 & 15, 2010.

A host of interactive games and activities gave everyone a chance to bat, pitch, or race against the clock and the BaAM Baseball Pyramid provided the perfect backdrop for a family photo op.

With enthusiasm that can only be described as true blue, the loyal fans kept BaAM Operations hustling and all 3 autograph stages bustling.

The Kansas City Royals Event Presentation and Production team produced a stellar event. Their Main Stage programming had fans dancing in the aisles or glued to their seats taking in every word during the player Q&A sessions.

The BaAM team is proud to have participated in this year’s successful event and we look forward to next year.

Written by: Maria

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