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Annemarie Roe

Annemarie Roe President

It would be easy for Annemarie to keep doing what she has been doing since she became President of BaAM Productions in 2003. 

But if it’s one thing she’s learned, it’s that change is constant. And to be truly successful at serving clients, you’ve got to be flexible, knowing when to apply the tried-and-true and when to blaze new trails.

For Annemarie, change means embracing projects that use innovative technologies. Building talented project teams that blend experienced staff members with young, creative minds. Focusing more on concept development. Spending more time strategizing with clients. 

Of course, one thing hasn't changed: Annemarie is proud of her team. She admires their energy, their commitment, and their skill. And under her creative leadership, BaAM continues to connect people with great experiences.  On game days, at cultural events, at top-tier attractions, she knows her team isn’t running to catch up with change. It’s actively shaping the future of audience engagement.