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Dionisios Vriniotis

Dionisios Vriniotis Creative Director

It was a family trip to Athens during the 2004 Olympic Games that inspired Dio to pursue a career in design. While standing in the middle of the Olympic Park, he was jolted by the revelation that he could create incredible spaces just like the one he was standing in, a place that – to him – felt like a dream. An interdisciplinary artist to the core, Dio continues to pursue this creative passion, bound by no particular medium – from temporary structures and spatial design to fashion and art installations.

The video game industry was Dio’s gateway into professional design, where he quickly developed an appreciation for the art of storytelling and the importance of storyboarding an experience. In the years that followed, Dio made the move from virtual to IRL. Since studying Environmental Design with a focus on Commercial Architecture, Dio recognizes the value of his skillset, which is a unique combination of disciplines allowing him to stretch outside the box, to bring the super conceptual and the pragmatic together in his work.

Today, as Creative Director at BaAM, Dio is driven by the user experience. While developing new concepts and setting new precedents for event architecture, he’s constantly considering and evaluating how guests will experience a space.  It’s his goal to collaborate with project teams to create something that people are going to remember. And his greatest reward is seeing the public interact with and enjoy being immersed in his work because, he completely admits, the environments that we’re creating would be nothing without the fans at the center of it all.