A Freeman Company
Lisa Syverson

Lisa Syverson Manager of Design

Like the scientist who looks through a microscope, Lisa dives into a project to discover its most intrinsic qualities and the unique characteristics that will make it stand out from the crowd.  Of course, as Manager of Design at BaAM, Lisa’s not studying chemical compounds; she’s focusing on elements like thematic content, physical structures, audience, and media.  She orchestrates a cultural synthesis where each element plays a vital role singularly, but creates an unforgettable experience when combined.  It’s a carefully-balanced approach that she applies to all of her design work, whether it’s temporary or permanent, indoor or outdoor, an event or exhibit.

The whole world becomes Lisa’s laboratory. She naturally picks up on a building’s smaller details as much as the bigger picture.  As someone who applies creativity through a structured development process, Lisa enjoys exploring the stories and inspirations behind architecture and the exhibits that she visits, curious to know the generative idea that brought it into being.  For Lisa, each project presents new opportunities to learn about subjects ranging from the formation of diamonds to the flora and fauna of the tundra climate.  It’s an “education by osmosis.” As she designs to maximize users’ understanding and engagement with the material, she happens to learn a lot along the way.